Busy talking

This month of May I’ve been rather busy giving talks at different places/events.

First, I was in Athens, then I went to give a couple of talks in more “industrial” settings. Then, I did my talk on the Regression Discountuity Design (similar to this), as part of a series of seminars on Evaluation using observational data at the Centre for Statistical Methodology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Then I did a two-day training event (vaguely based on the talk I did in Athens) and then we all busied ourselves finalising the material for the Summer School in Florence.

In the meantime, I managed (I think rather painlessly) to mark my exam papers and witness Italian politics go back to its rightful place as (possibly) the most ridiculous spectacle, including potential impeachment — of late, the guys have given a good run to all the Trumpist and Brexiteers out there…

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