Health economics

Bayesian computations for Value of Information measures using Gaussian processes, INLA and Moment Matching

With [Anna Heath]( and [Ioanna Manolopoulou](

Full Bayesian methods to handle missing data in health economic evaluations

With [Andrea Gabrio](, [Alexina Mason](, [Rachael Hunter]( and Xiaoxiao Ling

Health economic evaluation of HPV vaccination

With Katrin Haeussler, [Ardo van den Hout](, [Giampiero Favato](, [Francesco S Mennini]( and Alessandro Capone

Bayesian survival modelling in health economic evaluation

With [Antonio Remiro Azocar](, Zhaojing Che and [Anna Heath](

VoI world tour

Next week (Wednesday 26th February, at 12pm) I’ll be in Warwick to give a talk on our work on Value of Information. I’ve given a similar one fairly recently, at the MRC Biostats Unit in Cambridge. But I think this time I’ll add a few more things, coming out from our even more recent ConVOI work — we’ve just had two papers accepted for publication in Medical Decision Making (very little details, but more to come soon, here and here).


Here’s the official blurb we’ve prepared to advertise recruitment to our MSc Programme in Health Economics and Decision Science. And yes: we can also do a gym session, if you like. And yes: you can wear army pants… What more would you want? UCL’s MSc in Health Economics and Decision Science took in its first cohort of students in the 2017-18 academic year and has grown in popularity since then as it fills a gap in training and skills-transfer in higher education.

Two lectureships in Health Economics at UCL

My colleagues at the UCL Institute for Global Health have two positions available as Lecturer in Health Economics. These are part of the expansion we need to seek given the wild success of our MSc Health Economics and Decision Science Programme (which we lead jointly with Economics) — the number of students who want to come to us is getting large (almost 100 in year 3 of running it!) and so we are trying to increase capacity (hopefully, more on this to follow soon!

Come and work with us!

We have an exciting opportunity in my group at UCL. We have a 5-year Senior Research Fellowship in Statistics and Health Economics — all details here. The post is Grade 8 with salary in the range £44,674 to £52,701 (depending on experience etc). I think it’s a really cool post: it’s co-funded by UCL and ICON, one of the leading consultancy companies in the area of economic evaluation and health technology assessment.

Time to think about the summer

-- As the Christmas break gets closer and closer, I thought it would be a very good time to actually forget about the cold, snowy weather (I know… I sound as if I lived in Antarctica… It’s actually nice and sunny and not that cold today…) and start planning for everybody’s summer holidays. So, we’ve now officially opened the registration for next year Summer School in Bayesian Methods in Health Economics.

Have I thought this through?

Of the many phrases and idioms in the English language, I think “have you thought this through” is one of my favourites — perhaps it’s the allitteration or that, if you’re not a native English speaker, you kind of have to concentrate to say it properly, with all the “h” sounds… And I often find myself wondering whether I’ve actually thought things through. Although, technically, that’s supposed to be my job — thinking things through and using (rigorously Bayesian) decision theory to make decisions…