Health economics

Bayesian computations for Value of Information measures using Gaussian processes, INLA and Moment Matching

With [Anna Heath]( and [Ioanna Manolopoulou](

Full Bayesian methods to handle missing data in health economic evaluations

With [Andrea Gabrio](, [Alexina Mason](, [Rachael Hunter]( and Xiaoxiao Ling

Health economic evaluation of HPV vaccination

With Katrin Haeussler, [Ardo van den Hout](, [Giampiero Favato](, [Francesco S Mennini]( and Alessandro Capone

Population adjustment with limited access to patient-level data

[Antonio Remiro-Azocar](, [Gianluca Baio]( and [Anna Heath](

Bayesian survival modelling in health economic evaluation

With Zhaojing Che


I’ve been trying to put this off for as long as I possibly could, because I didn’t really want to surrender… BUT: It’s come to the time when I need to accept defeat and that this year we won’t be able to have our summer school in Florence. Hopefully, by July things will have improved massively (with regards to everything — not simply for non-essential travel!), but it’s obvious right now that even if people could travel (which probably they won’t be able to), it would be too much of a hustle and it would take away from the normally very pleasant experience.

missingHE update

Andrea has just released a major update for missingHE (this is my own fork of the main project — but now available on CRAN too), the package we (well, mostly he!) have (has) developed to handle missing data in Bayesian models for cost-effectiveness analysis. Additions to the basic structure of the package include multilevel models and new plotting facilities, revolving around posterior predictive checks, which are of course very helpful when assessing the performance of models with missing data.

Expert opinion (again)

THis is the second video I was mentioning here — took a while to get out but it’s available now. I think you need to register here and then you can see our panel discussion. Like I said earlier, it was good fun and I think the actual session we did at ISPOR last year was, I think, very well received and it’s a shame that we can’t build on the momentum in the next R-HTA (which, I think, we’re going to have to postpone, given the COVID-19 emergency…).

Hypothetical short course

The good news is that ISPOR have accepted a proposal that I have submitted, together with Felicity Lamrock, Howard Thom and Rose Hart to do a short course entitled “Health Economic Modeling in R: A Hands-on Introduction” at the next ISPOR conference in Milan. Of course, it’s just not clear whether the conference will go on as planned — or whether they’ll have some creative thinking around how to do it.

In case you don't know it

At this stage, given what I’ve said yesterday, even if you only get your news (abotu me, anyway) from the blog, you should know from other media about this. BUT: we’re now started advertisement and registration for our new three R-HTA events, later this summer at UCL. We’re doing two short courses on the 29th June. The first one is “Introduction to R for Cost-Effectiveness Modelling” (9.30-13.00) — obviously, this is aimed at beginners with some basic to intermediate knowledge of R.